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Organization in brief
The Foundation to Preserve the History of Maidan was established in Ukraine shortly after the final battles at Maidan in Kyiv in February 2014. The main goal of the foundation is document the history of Maidan in all its facets and to make this documentation available to current and future generations of policy makers, journalists, researchers and the general public. One of our main activities is to develop a Maidan Oral History Archive, in collaboration with partners in Ukraine and abroad.

Тут ми покажемо вам деякі результати нашої програми "Усні історії". Незабаром цей сайт буде функціонувати у повному обсязі. Будь ласка, відвідайте нас знову.

We show you here some of the results of our Oral History Program. Soon this website will be fully operational. Please visit us again.

Здесь вы сможете увидеть некоторые результаты нашей программы по устной истории. Скоро этот сайт будет функционировать в полном объеме. Пожалуйста, посетите нас снова."
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The importance of Maidan

Maidan, the symbol and heartbeat of the popular revolution of late 2013-early 2014, is probably one of the most momentous events in Ukrainian history. What started as a student demonstration in favor of the signing of an agreement with the European Union, resulted in a national uprising against a corrupt government, the death of at least a hundred of demonstrators and “Maidanovtsy”, an undeclared war with Russia, the occupation of the Crimea and a unique chance for the country to shed the Soviet past, develop and maintain a national identity/unity and choose once and for all the path to a democratic future.

Whatever the future holds, what happened in Ukraine is probably one of the greatest political events in the region in decades and will in all probability change the political constellation in Europe forever. It is an event that for many generations will be marked as a turning point, and an event that needs to be recorded in as much detail as possible for future generations.

Compilation of video clips

This compilation shows clips from some of our videos, subtitled in English. It shows the emotional and historical value of our Oral History Program.

Interview with father Valentin Serovetskyi

This is a summary of a long interview with father Valentin Serovetskyi, who was one of the Chrurch representatives who was very active at Maidan and subsequently went to Eastern Ukraine to support the defenders of Ukraine there. Subtitled in English.


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