The Foundation was established at a time when history was developing before our eyes and the full impact of Maidan was not yet visible. All we understood was the fact that we were witnessing and participating in momentous events and that future generations would benefit from as truthful a record of these events as possible. Also it was clear to us that Maidan itself was not a stand-alone event, but more a crossroads

Maidan in fact continues to this very day, and the word itself has become a symbol of popular revolt against corrupt leaders, of change from below and of a national catharsis. Our work is focusing on documenting these events, and by doing so contributing to the ultimate success of Maidan. on the long road from Ukraine being part of the Soviet Union to a Ukraine being a modern and civil society based on the rule of law.


The Foundation is a project-oriented organization, which means that all its work is based on project-related funding. Our projects are focused on preserving the history of Maidan in all its facets, but also on furthering the cause of democracy in Ukraine and helping to build a civil society based on the rule of law.

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Other Activities

The foundation supports activities by other organizations that are related to, or in line with, the goals of the foundation.

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