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Much of the materials collected by our foundation are of an (audio-) visual nature. The oral history interviews are mostly taped on video, and will be made available to researchers, journalists and others interested at the institutions where they will be stored (e.g. in Kyiv and in Bremen). We are also collecting home videos, photographs and livestreams that show the events at Maidan exactly the way they happened, from hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second... Here we show you a sample of our materials, including the 95 clips we made for Ukrainian television that are based on our oral history interviews and discussed the events at Maidan day by day.


Two years after Maidan, the First Channel of Ukrainian television showed on a daily basis 4-5 minute clips...

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Maidan was probably one of the most photographed and photogenic events in recent history. The hundreds of...

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The foundation is currently engaged in preparing a first publication on basis of its oral history program...

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