Our foundation has made over a hundred interviews with people involved in Maidan. Together with interviews made by our partners e.g. the national Memory Institute, they will form the Maidan Oral History Archive that will be accessible both in Ukraine and abroad to policy makers, journalists, researchers and the general public. Here we post a few clips that have been subtitled in order to give you an impression of what type of materials we have gathered.

Period 1 - Day 22

Compilation of video clips

This compilation shows clips from some of our videos, subtitled in English. It shows the emotional and historical value of our Oral History Program.

Period 3 - Day 7

Interview with father Valentin Serovetskyi

This is a summary of a long interview with father Valentin Serovetskyi, who was one of the Chrurch representatives who was very active at Maidan and subsequently went to Eastern Ukraine to support the defenders of Ukraine there. Subtitled in English


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